There has been a lot of leaks around the internet about the 4th generation of Google Pixel. We have seen images of the handset, promo video of the handset, etc.. Let's check out what difference it makes from the previous generation of the Pixel in terms of Specifications.. Obviously Google would ship the Pixel with the newest version of Android that is Android 10. There has been leaks suggesting there would be a 90 Hz refresh rate on the screen which would be great. 6 GB RAM is one more rumour floating around but Google or Apple never opted RAM more than 4 GB, that's the way they do it, they try to bring best out of it. Snapdragon 855 could be the processor. And the notch, What? Notch? Google says No this time is what the leaks suggest, there has been no notch on the display observed in any of the leaks.
There is still no real confirmation on the finger print sensor, however we can expect Google may remove the fingerprint sensor and move on to the face unlock with IR. I would say there may not be in display fingerprint sensor. The biggest change would be the motion detection sensors and IR sensors, Google couple of months ago released their Pixel 4 promo video hinting the motion detection technology.
And the most important and awaited is the Camera. Google had already made magic with their camera in the past line up, Night Sight was a revolution in the Smartphone Camera space, they are already The Best in this segment, and leaks suggest Google is taking a big step in the Camera Space this time, can't wait to witness this wonder. Leaks suggests 3 Cameras on the back, housed inside the Square shaped bump. The Month of October would be Google's Month let's wait and see.

Image Source: Internet