About GeekChips

Welcome to GeekChips a technology blog started in 2012. GeekChips features mainly on Computer Tips & Tricks, Software, useful Websites, tutorials. The aim of GeekChips is to experiment all tricks that you can do on your Pc. Yeah, I am sure you can play with your Computer after going through my articles. This blog contains a very huge collection of computer articles covering, the Internet, real-time technology updates, Tips, Tricks, Cool websites, all kinds of How to's, Virus Solutions, Tutorials, Utilities, Windows, Linux, Security and lot more…

About Me

My name is Santhosh Kumar.I am a software developer. I was Born and brought up in Anantapur, India. Blogging is my passion, and reading lots of stuff on a daily basis. Most of the time I help fixing my friend's broken computer or helping others who have a computer related problem. Highly interested in coding, Linux, Open source software & Networking. Apart from computers I love Football, enjoying nature, hanging out with my friends. I firmly believe that sharing of knowledge is the best way to learn many things. If you don’t share it, it becomes useless in your own hands. Maybe that’s why Geekchips.com has started.

I’m always open to feedback and you can contact me anytime by sending me an email at Santhosh@geekchips.com (or) You can use the contact page.