EaseUS is one of the popular companies that offer best products for data recovery and backup. In previous reviews we have already covered products like EaseUS Todo backup, EaseUS Mobisaver, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. Today we are going to review disk clone software named EaseUS Disk Copy. This software can clone your hard disk completely. Let’s get into detailed review of EaseUS Disk Copy.

EaseUS Disk Copy

EaseUS Disk Copy is a disk/partition cloning software which clones your hard disk sector by sector so that the clone will be completely identical to the original. This disk cloning software can be used for cloning, copying or moving data from your small hard disk to a larger one. The main feature of this tool is you can copy all the files from the hard disk including the lost, deleted files and data which is inaccessible which can also work as data recovery software. If you want to backup specific files or folders then you can use other backup tools like EaseUS Todo backup.

Key features of EaseUS Disk Copy:

1.Disk Cloning:  It allows you to easily copy and move your data from one hard drive to other hard drive. Cloning of hard drive can be done in Sector level.

2.Burn to disk option: By using the burning feature you can easily create a bootable CD/DVD or USB drive to copy data from hard drive.

3.Simple UI: This software comes with very simple and user friendly User interface. You can use all the      features of this tool very easily.

4.Supports up to 1TB: This disk clone software can support up to 1 TB hard drives. You can clone hard drives having volume up to 1 TB easily with this tool.

EaseUS disk copy is available in two variants. One is EaseUS disk copy home and the other is disk copy technician. The major difference between these two is you can use disk copy technician for your business purposes whereas disk copy home is only limited for individuals. EaseUS disk copy home is available for free for users. If you want to use it for business then you need to pay $99 for disk copy technician. 


We tried this software for cloning a 1 TB hard drive and it went well. The cloning accuracy is 100% and the cloned drive is identical to the original drive all thanks to the sector level cloning. Try this tool and comment your views below.

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