Indian Railways is one of the largest rail networks across the globe carrying over 30 million passengers daily. The major problem faced by Indian rail passengers is they can’t get information on trains easily. In order to find train info passengers needs to check websites like indiarailinfo which are very slow and less user friendly. It is very hard for a passenger to check and track live status of the train as it loads very slowly. This is the major gap between passengers and Indian railways and to fill this RailYatri raised as a one stop solution for all the train information.


Railyatri is a web and mobile based platform which provides all the information on trains. This app is available for Android smartphones as of now. Other smartphone users need to wait some more time to get hands on this app. RailYatri app provides many useful features which makes your train journey a lot easier. Below are some of the features of RailYatri :

1. Train time table
2. Seat Availability
3. PNR status
4. Platform locator
5. Live train status
6. Trains between stations
7. Rail Wisdom
8. Food Ordering

Railyatri also offers many features apart from the above listed features. Let us look into the features in detail :

1. Train time table : This feature provides you the time table of the desired train. To find the time table just enter the train number and submit, you will get the time table along with many other details like delays, Mobile network along the track, top busy routes etc.

2. Seat Availability : This feature allows you to check the availability of seats in your desired train. In order to get the seat availability just give some details like train number, origin and destination etc.

3. PNR Status : With this feature you can easily get your PNR Status. Just enter your PNR number and submit to get the status of PNR.

RailYatri PNR Status

4. Platform Locator : This is one of the best features as it takes the tension of finding your train platform away from you. This feature will let you know on which platform your train is on.

5. Live train status : This feature allows you to check the live train running status. To find the status just enter the train number along with desired time and submit.

RailYatri track

6. Trains between stations : This feature gives you the details of trains between the stations. If you want to find the trains between your stations, you can find it easily with this feature.

7. Rail Wisdom : This is an innovative feature of RailYatri where it provides many details about a station like nearby places, food items available, nearby stations, directions etc. This is a crowd sourced platform where users can submit information about a station.

8. Food Ordering : This feature allows you to order food and get it delivered on your seat in your train. To order food, just give your PNR number and your desired food.

Conclusion :

On a final note RailYatri is one of the most useful web and mobile based platform which provides you all the required train information with some added features. If you are a frequent train passenger then you must give RailYatri a try.

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