Whatsapp is one of the popular and most used online messaging applications these days. Whatsapp provides many cool features to make its users happy. There are some of the latest Whatsapp tricks which most of the users are unaware. Today GeekChips brings you the list of latest Whatsapp tricks 2015. Check the tricks and use them to make Whatsapp more user friendly.

Whatsapp tricks 2015

1. Get all your favorite messages at one place Using Starred Messages :

Latest Whatsapp tricks 2015
There may come a moment where you need one particular message in Whatsapp from your friend. There are tons of messages exchanged between you and your friend which makes it a hectic task to find that one particular message. To get you out of this problem Whatsapp introduced a new feature called Starred Messages. Just tap and hold on any message in any chat to star it. Later you can go to main menu --> Starred Messages to view all the starred messages at one place.

2. You can now mark messages as Unread :

Latest Whatsapp tricks 2015 unread

Don’t worry when you read a message and don’t want your friend to know it. You can now simply mark messages as unread. When you finished reading the message just go back to the menu, tap and hold on your friend’s name so that you will get a pop up with an option “Mark as unread”.  You can also to mark the received messages as read without reading them. You can do this by simply tap and hold on your friends name so that you will get a pop up with an option “Mark as read”. However this mark as unread will not change the read status on your friends mobile.

3. Mute option for individual contacts is now available :

Latest Whatsapp tricks 2015 mute

Most of us know that we have a mute option for Whatsapp groups. Now mute option is available for individual contacts also. If you want to mute notifications from any contact just go to view contact tab of the user and tap on the mute option, you will get a pop up with three options 8 Hours, 1 Week and 1 Year. Select the desired option and you can also check/uncheck the Sow Notifications option. Whatsapp provided us with more control on the notifications from friends with this new feature. 

4. You can set custom ringtones for each contact :

Latest Whatsapp tricks 2015 notifications

Are you feeling bored with the same notification sound for all the Whatsapp messages from your friends and groups? A new feature in Whatsapp is available to set custom notification sounds for each contact. To get this done just go to view contact tab of the particular user and tap on custom notifications option. You can now select desired notification sound for that user. With this latest feature you can easily get to know when you receive messages from your loved ones.

5. Low data usage during voice calls :

Latest Whatsapp tricks 2015 data usage

Whatsapp provides us the awesome feature of voice calling using our cellular data. There is an option In Whatsapp to reduce the data usage during voice calls. Just go to Settings --> Chats and Calls --> Call Settings. Just check the “Low data usage” option to reduce the data during voice calls.

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