Motherhood is undoubtedly one of the most difficult jobs in the universe. The moms play a crucial role in the upbringing of the child. They have the huge responsibility over their shoulder to take care of their babies as well as provide them the love, affection and the best of everything. Everyone would agree to the fact that the moms are at work 24 x 7, especially moms who have toddlers at home. While they have to take care of the baby’s needs they also have to manage other household task and maintaining a balance between both is by no means easy. Fortunately today, the busy moms have amazing apps that would help them ease their tasks. Here are a few apps that all busy moms would surely love:

Best apps for moms


Quite often you run out of your credit balance or your phone gets disconnected in the middle of an important call due to insufficient balance or nonpayment of the bills. If your hubby has forgotten to get your recharge or pay your bill, you would have to face the hassles of not being able to call. However, if you have Mobikwik app on your phone, you can bid good bye to such worries. The app helps you get your recharge and even pay your phone bills instantly with just click of a button. Another vital reason why moms absolutely love this app is that it helps them pay all their utility bills without stepping out of their homes. Last but not the least, moms benefit from the mobikwik offers and get discount and cashback with every transaction.


This is a personal organizer app that lets all the moms to schedule their work and manage their home tasks efficiently. The app has also got plenty of good reviews from the tech bloggers from around the world as well as from the Android community. While there are plenty of organizer apps on the market, what makes it so special? Well, unlike all other apps, Jorte has a very feminine and attractive user interface with a pink, lavender and red colour scheme. Let us be honest, the organizing work becomes more interesting when it looks pretty. The good looks combined with awesome functionalities make this app a favourite among several women.

Name Culture

This app is especially for the moms who have only recently delivered a baby and for the soon to be moms. If you have a new born baby you may already be wondering what name to give him or her. Naming the baby is a big task and sometimes it can be overwhelming. This is where Name Culture helps the moms; it gives you a huge list of most popular names for girls and boys with its meaning and the origin of the names. Unlike other similar apps Name Culture is available for free.


Moms often face this situation where they need to take an urgent phone call and talk peacefully without their toddler wailing in the background or they might have to focus on typing an important mail without their 2 years old kid banging their head over the keyboard. At such times, Shapes come to your rescue. This is a brilliant interactive app that keeps the small kids engaged and entertained while you get the required free time. More importantly the app helps in learning the basic shapes and names of the animals faster than you would teach them using books. 

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