Xiaomi understands that you may be looking to get more battery life with your current smartphone, but that may not be possible. Whenever your smartphone battery is going down and you're outside, then you may definitely need a good Power Bank. Xiaomi's powerful 10400 mAh Power Bank may be the right solution for you. It will allow you to charge smartphones like iPhone 6S, 6 Plus, Samsung Note, S6 Edge Plus etc very easily. Check out the features of this Power Bank if you're frustrated just because your smartphone's battery gets depleted whenever you're outside your home.

 Built and Weight

This Xiaomi Power Bank looks amazing and the quality is very good as it is made from Aluminium Alloy material. Xiaomi 10400 mAh Power Bank weighs 0.255kg only and that's why you'll be able to carry it with yourself without any problem. The package contents includes a Xiaomi Mobile Power Bank and a Micro USB cable.

Special Features Provided in Xiaomi 10400 mAh Power Bank

It is a better Power Bank as it will charge your smartphone whenever you want. Some special functions are provided in this Power Bank. You can charge it quickly, it is super slim and the most amazing thing is that the Power Bank lasts longer as compared with other Power Banks.

Power indicator light will make you know that how much the Power Bank has got charged. For all those who stay very busy, this Power indicator light may definitely be very useful. You can keep the Power Bank switched off by making use of the 'Power Switch' so that you can make this Xiaomi Power Bank last longer.

It comes in 4 colors which are Silver, Blue, Red and Golden. You'll find that it is compatible with most of the popular high end smartphones and even the latest mid budget smartphones.

Nowadays companies are pricing their best Power Banks at a very high price. It is good to see that Xiaomi has priced its powerful Power Bank properly so that it becomes the best option for everyone.

Even if Power Banks of some companies may look more stylish than this Xiaomi Power Bank, you may find that this Xiaomi Power Bank is the perfect one and still now people using it haven't faced any big problem.

Xiaomi 10400 mAh Power Bank is now available at $15.59 only at GearBest. You may find that the price may not stay the same and that's why make the best use of this offer. This offer may last for 3-4 day only. Available in 4 colors, this affordable Xiaomi Power Bank may be the perfect option for you if you've still now not bought any other Power Bank for yourself.

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