Wearable devices like smart watches and smart bands are latest trend now. Many of the electronic manufacturing companies like Samsung, Motorola, Apple and Xiaomi are releasing the smart watches to attract the users and capture the market. Today we are going to know the details of one of the most popular Xiaomi Mi Band which is a multi purpose activity tracker.

Xiaomi Mi Band

Xiaomi Mi Band is a multi purpose fitness and activity tracker which is very helpful in everyday life of a person. Mi Band actually is a small capsule which is very light weight of 0.014 KG and very small around 1 cm wide and 1 inch high. It is made out of aluminium and plastic and features a rectangular shape. This capsule is placed in a rubber wrist band which makes the complete Mi Band. You need to wear the band around your wrist. You can take out the capsule and put it back into the rubber wrist band easily.

Coming to the technical specifications of Xiaomi Mi band it comes with latest Bluetooth 4.0 which is very helpful for faster communication. It features a built in rechargeable battery which will last for upto 30 days in stand by mode. The major feature of the Mi band is it is IP67 water resistant and dust resistant which allows you to use it while swimming also. There are many features offered by Mi band. Below are some of the major features.

Xiaomi Mi Band Review

Fitness Tracking :

Xiaomi Mi band helps you as your fitness tracker. It will count the number of steps and inform you about your daily goal. It will track all your physical activity and will provide data like how many calories burned and distance traveled.

Sleep Monitoring : 

This Mi Band will work as a sleep monitor. While you are sleeping it will track your motion with an in built motion sensor and provide you various details like how much time you are in deep sleep and partial sleep.

Smart Alarm :

This is one of the best features of Xiaomi Mi band. It will track your sleep and wakes you up by vibrating the band just before 30 minutes from your alarm when you are in partial sleep.

Notification Remainder :

Mi band will give you an alert with a small vibration whenever there is a notification on your smartphone for example it will alert you for calls, messages and mails etc. you can even unlock your smartphone with this band.

On a final note this Xiaomi Mi band is a very useful fitness tracking device. It is available for just $15.99 and you can buy it here.

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