Windows 10 is going to make many people happy as it comes with some new features. Windows 10 is definitely going to be much better in comparison to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. This post will make you know some of the best Windows 10 features as well as you'll be able to know the way to upgrade to Windows 10 easily.

Features of Windows 10

Firstly, I'll make you know the 5 best features of Windows 10 Operating System.

1. Start Menu in an Expanded Form - Windows 10 is going to make many things easier for the users as they will be able to see Start Menu in an expanded form. You'll be able to access pinned Apps and even your favorites through the expanded Start Menu.

2. Microsoft Edge Browser - Windows 10 brings in Edge, the new Microsoft web browser which is going to make your browsing experience more comfortable. You'll be able to see Bing-powered search results just while typing your query in the address bar. Fast browsing without any problem is what many people are expecting to experience with the Microsoft Edge Browser.

3. Multi-tasking Gets Easier - If you like to do multi-tasking, then you'll definitely love Windows 10. You'll be able to use 4 Apps together and you'll be able to easily manage everything easily as Windows 10 wants multi-taskers to feel comfortable while doing their work. You even get the option of creating virtual desktops for getting things done faster.

4. Personal Assistant Cortana - Like the popular Apple iPhone, Windows 10 also comes with personal digital assistant named Cortana. If you're not been able to do any task, then you definitely will be to do it by getting assistance from Cortana. You can also set remainders easily by making use of Cortana.

5. Built-in Apps Making Use of OneDrive Storage - Windows 10 comes with many good built-in Apps which includes Photos, Video, Music etc. The best thing is that these built-in Apps make use of OneDrive for backing up information. You'll be able to access your stored information from any Windows 10 device.

Windows 8 combines the features of Windows 7 and Windows 8 to provide users with the best type of experience.

How to Upgrade to Windows 10 for free?
You can get free upgrade of Windows 10 if you're making use of qualified Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1 version. Windows 10 version which users are going to get for free is the full version of Windows 10. Do check out the system requirements before you decide to get the Windows 10 upgrade for free.

You can check out Windows 10 Specifications to know that whether you'll be able to get the Windows 10 upgrade for free.

For upgrading to Windows 10 you need to reserve your free upgrade by downloading 'Get Windows 10' App.

How to upgrade to Windows 10

On 29th July you'll get notification that Windows 10 can be now downloaded. Do make sure that you download and install the free upgrade within a year as after it you may not be able to get Windows 10 for free.

I hope that you'll have a good experience with Windows 10. It may be the right time to try out the upcoming new Windows 10 version. Do make us know that whether you've reserved the free upgrade of Windows 10 for your desktop.