WhatsApp is the favorite messaging App which is used worldwide. People are very addicted to this App as most people make use of this App. WhatsApp can be used on Android smartphones, iPhone, Nokia mobile phones and many other devices. No other messaging App has been able to get tremendous success like WhatsApp. There has been a research done in India and it has been found that many people are spending lot of time chatting with their friends on WhatsApp.

Whatsapp Tips and Tricks

If you use WhatsApp daily, then you should definitely know some WhatsApp tips and tricks as it may make you like WhatsApp more than before. Even if you're not going to try out any trick now, knowing about such WhatsApp tricks may definitely be useful for you in future.

Trick to Send RAR, ZIP and other type of Files
You may be regularly sharing funny images and videos with your friends available on WhatsApp. Sending files having format ZIP, RAR, PDF etc is not allowed on WhatsApp. But, you can make this possible by making use of applications like Cloud Send. You should search for such applications which are available for free and make WhatsApp file sharing feature more useful.

Changing WhatsApp Number is Possible
Many people who change their mobile number get confused that how they will be able to get the chat history, groups and their friends available on the new WhatsApp number. You may not know, but there is a setting available for changing the WhatsApp number easily. Just go to Setting and then Account, here you'll need to click on 'Change Number' for changing your WhatsApp mobile number. Get all the chat history as well as the same WhatsApp groups on your new number by making use of this setting.

Disable the Last Seen Time Stamp Easily
If you're frustrated just because some friends keep asking that with whom you chat late night, then you can disable the last seen time stamp. You can go to your account settings and disable the 'last seen' easily.

WhatSim for Those Who Keep Roaming
Frustrated because you're unable to stay connected with your friends on WhatsApp?  You can buy WhatSIM and you'll need to spend $11.60 annually. It will help you in staying connected with everyone on WhatsApp as this SIM supports 350+ mobile networks. Those people who keep travelling to different countries should definitely have a WhatSim with them.


WhatsApp Lock Feature for Android Smartphones
You may not like your friends to check out your WhatsApp chat and that's why there is a special App called as 'Messenger and Chat Lock' available for it. You'll be able to make use of PIN code for locking your WhatsApp and making it become completely private. Even if your friend will make use of your smartphone for any purpose, he won't be able to go through your WhatsApp chat history.

These WhatsApp tips and tricks may definitely be useful for you. You just need to remember them as anytime you may be required to make use of these tips and tricks. Do share the WhatsApp tricks that you know with us by commenting below the post.