Microsoft Windows is one of the most used OS across the globe. If you are a Windows user then let me ask you some questions, Have you Ever stuck in a situation where you need to open some unknown format files with unknown extension ? Have you ever wanted to open some file but don't have that particular software to open those files ? If your answer is yes then the application i discuss below will surely help you.

File Viewer For Windows

File Viewer for Windows is a small application which will open around 140+ file formats. Windows File Viewer is a freeware Windows application. This application helps you in many cases where you need to open some unknown file formats and when you don't have the software installed on your machine to open those files. 

Windows File Viewer

File Viewer for Windows is one of the best tools available to open different file formats. This application is an universal file viewer. To open a file all you need to do is just drag and drop the desired file onto the application icon or application window. This app will open many file types like Windows Documents, PDF, Excel sheets and many other file formats. This app can play many formats of Video and Audio files. If you don't know the file format then you can open it with this app. In rare situations if that file cannot be opened by this app then also it displays the file contents in text or Hexadecimal format.

This app has a very simple and clean UI. Working with this application is very easy. After this app is installed on your computer an application icon will be created on your desktop. Run that application by double clicking the icon. Select the desired file and drag and drop it to the application window, This app will open the file.

Key Features of File Viewer :

  • Capable of opening more than 140 file formats
  • Supports Many Windows Versions like XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
  • It can play different types of Audio and Video files simply by drag and drop method.
  • It allows you to play multimedia files, open various types of documents, copy data, Check file details and many more.
  • There are four different types of Views available like Native View, Icon View, Hex View, Text View.
Overall this application is an universal file opener for Windows and will be helpful for you in many situations. You can try it as it is a freeware.

Download File Viewer Here

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