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Most of the people are using Windows RT or Windows 8 today. If you wish to download some torrents in Windows 8/RT then you need a bittorrent client. Torrex is the best app available for downloading torrents in Windows 8.  Torrex is the only app available for downloading torrents with features like stream video, work in background, audio playback. This application allows you to download all types of magnet and torrent files. You can view the different types of media with the built-in default media player without the completion of your download.


Torrex supports 32 bit, 64 bit and ARM architectures of Windows RT and Windows 8. You can add torrent link from the file using the explorer or from the URL. In the home screen you can choose the available torrent file or URL. Once the URL is added then the app will fetch all the information from that link.

You can control the app from the settings tab by configuring the sharing and downloading options like maximum number of peers, maximum upload and download speeds. You can also customize this app with the available themes. The free version of this application doesn't support the background downloading and also contains ads.


There are two types of payment options available. First one is to make your app ad free and the other option is to buy the pro version of Torrex. Both these options are available in app purchase. 

Features of Torrex :

  • You can view the media content without like videos or music without the completion of download.
  • With the Built-in default media player you can view the downloaded media without using another app.
  • Download all Torrent files.
  • Download all Magnet links.
  • Background audio play back.
  • Downloading in Background (only in pro version).
  • Snapped Mode.

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