Is it the war of smartphones? Well, maybe. The iPhone is going up against the Android for the title of most popular device being used today.

IPhone Vs Android image

Both phones have pros and cons that relate to their operating systems and various mobile apps. We can consider four distinct areas before purchasing the new versions of smartphones on the market. Let's compare the iPhone and the Android Nexus 4.

1. Operating systems
It's an even playing field when it comes to operating systems. With the iPhone, Apple's operating system is easy to use, which makes it preferable for people new to the smartphone. On the other hand, many who appreciate its constantly changing applications covet the flexibility and openness of the Android Google system.

2. The bigger, the better
If it's a larger screen you want, then forget the iPhone -- at least for now. The iPhone screens cannot possibly match the popular demand for 4 to 7 inches. These phones have much smaller screens than the Android HTC, and iPhone has failed to promise any changes in that area.

3. Voice commands
In this area, iPhone wins hands down. The voice command with the iPhone has occasional small bugs that cause frustration but it is much easier to understand than the Android version. The Android can require three or more commands for the phone to understand what's being said. The advantages lie with the IPhone in this category.

4. Hardware adaptability
Another downside to the Android is the difficulty finding various hardware, such as head sets. The iPhone product's hardware is widely known and thus poses fewer frustrations when you search for accessories. On the other hand, since the Android Nexus 4 is such a new product, available hardware tends to be more recent and innovative, which can make this device a lot more useful to smartphone owners.

There are many reasons to buy a smartphone and there are so many kinds to choose from. The future of the iPhone and Android models promises to bring new and improved systems and apps that will make owning these devices even more pleasurable.

In the coming year, rumors suggest that the iPhone will finally move up to a 4" screen. Users have asked for this for quite some time.

As far as Android goes, the apps will become more extensive, including a new GPS system and the fastest processor to date. There will also be an Amazon app store for the Android system.

Stay tuned for more exciting news about this war of the smartphones. It continues to look like an epic battle for some time to come.

Guest Post By Anna:
Anna is a freelance writer and researcher from the Olympia, WA area who loves to obsess about weird topics and then write about them. When she isn't writing, she is outside on her bike and contemplating her eventual trip to graduate school. Find her on Twitter and Google+.