WhatsApp Messenger is one of the most used and popular, multi platform instant messaging app for the smartphones. There are billions of messages  sent everyday through WhatsApp. Users can be able to send images, audio and video messages to each other along with text messages. This application is available for iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry OS, Symbian-S60, series 40. You might have confidential and personal messages in WhatsApp in your phone, the problem is that anyone who got access to your phone can read those messages.

The drawback of WhatsApp is that there is no security login for it, so anyone who can access your phone can read or send messages from WhatsApp. To overcome this problem we use a freeware application  for Android smartphones which will allow you to set a security pin for logging into your WhatsApp. The name of this application is WhatsApp Lock.Once you install this app it will ask you to set a PIN number and show you different configuration options.

Protect WhatsApp Messenger With Password With WhatsApp LockProtect WhatsApp Messenger With Password With WhatsApp Lock

The important feature of this app is that you can set auto lock time, with this you don't need to enter the PIN always. If someone enter the wrong pin and if your phone has a front camera then it will take a picture of that person and save it to the gallery which will be very useful to find the intruder. This feature works only if your device has a front camera.

Important Features :

  • Freeware application and no limitations
  • Secures your messages
  • Take the pictures of the person who enters wrong PIN.
  • Uses very low space and system resources.
  • You can set auto lock time
  • Less number of special permissions.
  • Attractive design and simple user interface.
This app is a better one to secure your WhatsApp, but if you want complete security then you have to configure your phone's security options.

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