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There is no denying the usefulness of search engine optimization, and in recent years, SEO has become an essential mechanism for online promotion of businesses. Although there are many possible strategies one can approach, we highly recommend enthusiasts to stick to the straight and narrow. Although certain unethical practices might turn some quick profit, they will not benefit you in the long run. The virtual world is a highly competitive one, and as such, original tactics, and coherent solutions should be considered in order to level the play-field. Here are a few interesting methods you should consider for your site or blog:

How to Successfully Promote Your Website or Blog

1. Research of Catchphrases
Assuming that you already know about the importance of keywords, you will also understand why specialty words have to be implemented in your content marketing strategies. By picking decisive words you will not only emit a „call-to-action” for possible visitors, but you might actually work some magic. There are many online tools available that help webmasters correctly chose their catchphrases. Channeling and choosing the most decisive words is the best way to promote your business.

2. High-Quality Content
We may not know how the web will look in ten years, because it is changing each and every day. What we do know is the fact that original, high-quality content will always be needed. First of all, readers will never be satisfied by articles which are spun, copied or in bad English. Moreover, search engines love original content. There are many talented writers out there, but rather than focus on duplicating content, they should focus on filling the empty spaces in the web space. If you are developing a new website, or trying to promote your online business and you have problems with content, you can hire a digital agency and ask for a content writer. If you are an online entrepreneur, and you don't have the financial means to contract an entire team for a full-fledged SEO campaign, you can look for writer on freelance platforms like Elance, or oDesk.

3. Simple SEO Tweaks to Improve Traffic
You don't need a degree in computer science in order to optimize your site for search engines. There are a few simple tasks, which are also integrated in the Word-press interface which can significantly increase the ranking of your post on Google. I am talking about Meta Tags, Title Tags, keyword use and referencing to authoritative sites. You should understand, that no matter how awesome your content is, it may never make it out of the pit of anonymity if you do not pay attention to the SEO tweaks. Meta tags, for example, are the first things to be displayed on the search engine, and this means they should be attractive and interesting. It takes a few seconds for a person to decide whether or not they will visit a certain site, so make sure you manage to woo them.

4. Personal Interaction and Social Outreach
If people wanted to talk to robots, they would probably not be looking for original articles. I maintain my opinion that content is king, but there is a level of personal involvement that you should insert in your posts in order to attract human readers. No matter how you look at it, bloggers have started to write because they want to come in contact with like minded people, and although I've met a few bloggers which do not agree with social media marketing, the truth is that there is nothing bad about this approach. Social Media has seen a significant growth in the past few years, and you should definitely consider creating your very own Twitter, Facebook or Google+ account if you want to gain online credibility. By doing so you will be able to connect with your readers and create a loyal community. Moreover, social media reactions improve search engine ranking.

5. Article Marketing
There are many ways to market your content. Naturally, we have Social Media, but there are others ways. By marketing your content you are actually helping your site become more visible. Nevertheless, you should only market your content if you think that it is something worth reading. Many sites reference to informative articles. There are even certain websites which create „Top 10's of the Week”, for example, that will make you easier to spot by internet users. You can register to various forums and blogs, and reply to people's problems. This way you will be perceived as an expert in your field, and you will have the chance to attract more readers. Another way of marketing content is by creating newsletters or by social bookmarking. Sites like Reedit or Pinterest can also help people discover your content. Either way, the solutions are viable and effective.

There are many, extremely informative articles out there, which talk about each and every strategy mentioned above in detail. There are even more amazing articles out there which haven't “seen the light of day” yet, because they haven't been optimized. Nevertheless, you should not focus only on promoting your website or blog. As important as marketing and search engine optimization is, you should also write for readers, without expecting immediate results. Make SEO and marketing part your strategies, but not priorities.

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Anna Robeson is a SEO professional who usually consults with a digital net agency. She advises newbie bloggers to be very well informed before starting their online endeavor. If you liked her article you can follow her on Twitter.

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