Smartphones became very popular and widely used  from the last few years of their evolution with a lot of new functions and features added with every operating system release. So with this huge number of smartphones from top manufacturers across the world are released every year. Selecting and buying a new smartphone especially the Windows and Android is a risky task with many models available in different prices. Another tough part is that many of these smartphone models vary only in some features, so choosing the best smartphone is a difficult job. 

For choosing the best smartphone we use a freeware application for Android phones with which you can compare the specifications of different phones in an easy way by breaking down the specifications into different parts. The name of this app is SpecCheck. With this app you can easily and quickly compare specifications of two phones.

This app covers many devices including iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows phone. You can use this app in offline mode also since all the details of different phones are downloaded in the first use of this app.

Features :

  • Covers over 150 devices
  • Simple UI
  • Offline viewing mode (initial download required)
  • Cloud database updates
  • Options for selling
  • New models are added time to time.
As the new phone models are added time to time you don't need to reinstall this app.

This application will be very useful to the phone buyers and covers all operating systems like Android, Windows Phone, iOS and Blackberry.

Download SpecCheck here

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