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Sometimes we accidentally delete some important files and we need them back again.Everyone suffers from this.Today i am posting a simple trick to recover deleted fils without using any softwares.This is a very simple trick and it works on windows vista and windows 7.

Recover deleted files without using any software

Follow these steps to recover deleted files:

Let us assume that you have permanently deleted logo.jpg from geekchips folder and now you want to recover logo.jpg back.
  1. Right click on the particular folder (Geekchips here) and select 'restore previous versions'
Recover deleted files without using any software

    2. Thats all you will now see an opion to restore thet file click on restore.

If you don't see "Restore previous Versions" by Right Clicking, Go to
Control Panel --> then
System and Secutiry --> then
System -->
Click on System Protection (in left sidebar) -->
Select the particular drive and Click Configure -->
Then select "Restore system setting and previous versions of files" -->
Now Click on OK

Note : 
Previous versions come from restore points or from windows backup.
This trick will not work at all the time.

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