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Do you want to hide a local drive on your PC. There are many free and paid applications available in the for doing this. Today I am posting a technique with which you can hide a local drive without using any software. This will save your money and time.

There are 3 methods available to hide a local drive without using any software

1. Hide a drive through gpedit
2. Hide a drive through regedit
3. Hide a drive using command prompt

Hide local drive
Today i am showing command prompt way of doing it. So lets see how to do.

How to Hide a Local Drive using command prompt:

1. Click on Start -> Run

2. In Run box type cmd and press Enter. Now Command Prompt window will appear.

3. In command prompt, type diskpart and press Enter.

4. Then type list volume and press Enter.
Now it will display the list of all your computer drives details.

Diskpart command prompt

5. Then type the Drive Letter which you want to hide.
If you want to hide volume E, type select volume E and press Enter.

Now following message will appear on the screen.

Volume 4 is the selected volume

Selected volume command prompt

6. After that, type remove letter E and press an Enter. 

That's all, you have done. Now restart your computer once. When you start your PC again, you won’t be able to see the particular drive in My Computer.

How to get back Hidden Drive again in My Computer. 

Do the procedure which i have mentioned in steps 1,2,3,4 and 5 again.

Click Start --> Run --> cmd -->

Then type diskpart - list volume - select volume E

After that type assign letter E and press Enter.

That's all  You have got back the hidden local drive. Once again restart your PC, now you will be able to see hidden local drive in My Computer.
Note: Your PC doesn't loss any data by doing this trick .

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